Plastic surgery and hair transplantation in Turkey

Ethicana Clinic: More than 10 years of experience in different cosmetic surgeries

Change your life, and get the appearance you are dreaming of. Ethicana Clinic provides you with the best beauty experts in Turkey by relying on the latest medical technology in the world. Contact us and get a free instant  consultation.

Hair Transplant

Ethicana Clinic provides the latest methods and techniques of hair transplant which ensure that the client gets the perfect results after performing hair transplant operation, and lifetime warranty.

Plastic surgery

Ethicana Clinic provides you with the most skilled cosmetic surgeons in Turkey, and we guarantee you distinctive results through our medical team, where our hospital achieves high success rates in this field.

Non-Surgical Beauty

Cosmetic procedures without surgery done in a short time. These procedures treat and improve the aesthetic appearance in general by using modern techniques that achieve amazing results without surgery.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Ethicana Clinic offers you all the treatments and solutions concerning dental problems and getting a perfect appearance, where they are provided at very low costs and with high quality.

Ethicana Clinic

Ethicana Clinic Center is one of the most famous specialized medical centers in the country of Turkey for hair transplant, cosmetic surgeries and non-surgical beauty. The center is considered as an integrated medical center in this regard, and the presence of a distinguished medical team with a great deal of competence and experience has helped it to achieve this, and therefore the center deservedly enters among the five best beauty centers in Turkey.

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The operations that are performed in Ethicana Clinic

Hair Transplant

مميزات إجراء عمليات التجميل في تركيا

Facial Beautification Operations

Botox injection

Non-Surgical Beauty




Cosmetic Dentistry




Slimming and Liposuction

Orthopaedic Surgery


Buttock augmentation

Buttock Aesthetics

Obesity treatment

Sleeve Gastrectomy


Genital Cosmetic Surgery

Breast augmentation

Breast Cosmetic Surgery

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Why Ethicana Clinic?


A team of professional doctors and specialists

Ethicana Clinic aims to provide you with an experienced medical team specializing in cosmetic operations, where the experience of doctors opens the door to a greater degree of excellence and security, as well as impressive results guaranteed by Ethicana Clinic, which is the most outstanding in terms of the success rates of the special cosmetic operations in this field.


Modern techniques

Ethicana Clinic seeks to continuously update itself to be in line with the world of cosmetology in general, where the latest techniques appearing in cosmetic surgery and hair transplant are used, as well as constant keeping up with devices or equipment that ensure positive results and full safety at the same time.


Guaranteed results

One of the things that makes Ethicana Clinic famous is that the results agreed upon before the start of the operation are ultimately achieved by 100%, and this has been a greater motive for clients’ confidence in us and their desire to deal with us.


Years of experience


Specialist Doctors


Successful operations


Visitors around the world